Getting Married in Las Vegas?

Exit the Chapel in Style with a Luxury Limo Tour

Las Vegas weddings continue to grow more popular with every passing year. In fact, more than 109,000 couples tie the knot in Vegas every single year. When planning your wedding, consider scheduling a Las Vegas limo tour to pick you up at the chapel so that you can leave the venue in style. 

Leave the Chapel in Luxurious Style

Imagine saying, “I Do,” then walking back down the aisle and stepping into a massive stretch limo that will take you to all the most prominent landmarks across Las Vegas! Just list the chapel as your pick-up location, and the limo will be ready and waiting as you make your grand exit. Then, just get inside, pop the cork on a bottle of complimentary champagne, and see the best the city can offer with your husband or wife by your side. Las Vegas limo tours are perfect for celebrating and seeing the sights.

Beautiful Photos are Included

Wedding photography can be incredibly expensive, and that’s especially true in Las Vegas. If you and your partner want a memorable ceremony that won’t break the bank, try to condense as many services as you can. For example, many chapels offer flat rates for their ceremonies, and those ceremonies include photos, as well. After the ceremony, your Las Vegas limo tour will take you to a wide range of popular destinations, including the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, the fountain show at the Bellagio, and even the Luxor – and you’ll get professional photos at every stop, too. 

You’ll Have Privacy

Las Vegas is a beautiful city, but it’s also popular among tourists, which means it’s often bustling and crowded. If you want some time to celebrate as a couple before being thrust into the public eye, a Las Vegas limo tour after your wedding is the perfect way to enjoy a little privacy. It’s just the two of you, and that means you won’t have to answer millions of questions or even hear people say, “Congratulations!” a few too many times. 

There’s Plenty of Room for the Entire Party

Many couples choose to bring their bridesmaids and groomsmen – or at least their two witnesses – with them when they get married in Las Vegas. If this is the case for you, a Las Vegas limo tour can accommodate parties of any size with a wide range of vehicles. From standard stretch limos to super-stretch limos and even super-stretch SUVs that seat even the biggest groups, you and your wedding party can see Vegas in style. 

Whether you’re planning your Vegas wedding down to the last detail or you want to play much of the experience by ear, it’s a good idea to schedule your chapel and your Las Vegas limo tour ahead of time to ensure their availability on one of the happiest days of your life.

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