5 Mind-Blowing Facts about Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas weddings range from romantic and luxurious to over-the-top and silly, and that’s one of the reasons why Vegas is the United States’ top wedding destination with more than 100,000 ceremonies every year. The five mind-blowing facts about Las Vegas weddings are sure to pique your curiosity, whether you’re tying the knot for the first time, or you want to renew your vows in style. 

#1 – Elvis-Themed Las Vegas Weddings are Insanely Popular

Elvis Presley officiates thousands of weddings in Las Vegas every single year, but the way these ceremonies are portrayed on TV and in the movies only show you one side of things. Believe it or not, many of the Elvis weddings in Las Vegas are very professional, and you can even piece together your own packages in many of the chapels. 

Elvis Wedding Las Vegas

Elvis Presley wedding in Las Vegas

#2 – Spouses-to-Be Can Get Marriage Pre-approval Online

If you’re planning to run off to Vegas to get hitched, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you have everything you need to get your marriage license. Fortunately, you can fill out an online pre-application using websites and digital apps before you take the trip, so you won’t be blindsided by any hiccups. 

#3 – You Can Get Married in Las Vegas Until Midnight

In most places across the country, marriage licenses can be issued from the typical nine to five. However, the Clark County Marriage Bureau – the agency responsible for issuing marriage licenses in Las Vegas and ensuring that everything is legal – is open until midnight. Whether your flight arrives late, or you decide to elope after a night of drinks and dancing, there are very few limits in Vegas. 

#4 – There are 300+ Las Vegas Weddings Every Day

Chapels and officiants across the city of Vegas marry more than 300 couples every single day. While that may not seem spectacular, it’s equal to 2,100 couples every week, 63,000 couples during an average month, and more than 109,000 couples a year. 

#5 – Drive-Thru Weddings are a “Thing”

If you want your wedding ceremony to remind you of picking up your late-night Taco Bell order, there are drive-thru chapels in Las Vegas that are happy to oblige. Examples include A Special Memory Wedding Chapel, which is located on South 4th Street, and the Lucky Little Chapel Downtown, which is on S. Casino Center Blvd. 

Bonus: Staff Looks Out for Your Best Interests

While the movies might lead you to believe that you can have your designated driver pull up to a drive-thru chapel so that you can get married in your highly inebriated state, this is simply not the case. Wedding venues and chapels will absolutely turn people away if they are obviously not in the right state of mind to make a lifelong decision. 

Las Vegas weddings range from near-instant and silly to incredibly bougie and romantic. If you’re ready to tie the knot, consider a Las Vegas limo tour to pop the question or celebrate your marriage and commemorate the moment forever. 

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