The Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas

Tropicana Las Vegas is one of the coolest hotels in the Gambling Capital of the World, with an interesting and somewhat turbulent history that even involves notorious gangster Frank Costello. Nowadays, it’s the ideal place to explore Las Vegas’ tourist attractions and landmarks and also enjoy a relaxed, tropical vacation.

Envisioned as a Cuban-themed heaven in the middle of the desert, Tropicana Las Vegas was built way back in 1957 following a number of setbacks. Its owner Ben Jaffe first leased the hotel to American mobster Phillip Castel, who was closely working with the so-called Prime Minister of the Underworld and leader of the Luciano crime family, Frank Costello.

After it severed ties with the mob, Tropicana began to lose some of its appeal during the 1960s, with competition such as Caesars Palace stealing all the spotlight. In the 1970s, mobsters again took over the hotel, but as soon as authorities found out, the owners at the time, including heiress Mitzi Stauffer Briggs, had to sell it. This happened at the end of the decade. The next owners didn’t have much luck either, though – Columbia Sussex had to declare bankruptcy and the hotel once again changed owners. Today, it is owned and managed by Onex Corporation and former MGM Mirage CEO, Alex Yemenidjian.

Tropicana Las Vegas’ tumultuous history hasn’t stopped it from becoming the favorite place of Hollywood producers, directors, and actors. Among the many movies and TV shows that were filmed at the hotel, the most famous and celebrated scenes include those from cult films The Godfather and The Godfather II.
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